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Relational Healing

Sep 21, 2021

This episode is for you if you are confused about why sometimes things feel like they’re going great and the next minute you slip into hopelessness. Like almost in a single instant a switch flips. If you have a clear understanding of the what and why of your Trauma Ecosystem, you’ll see exactly why that happens. Whether you are just starting on your Road to Recovery or you’ve been traveling the path for some time, I want to highlight the systemic ways childhood trauma follows us into adulthood. 

If you’ve been craving connection to other survivors and desiring a private, shared space to hear other’s practical experience with recovery from childhood trauma then you’ll want to join the Relational Healing Circle.  

Share resources, ask questions, get support, and build friendships with inspiring survivors just like you in this exclusive 90-day listener community.

What Needs to Change Checklist - if you always feel like you know what needs to change, but you never actually get around to making the changes, this checklist will offer some perspective and accountability. 

Get your checklist in our free, private Relational Healing Lab Facebook group, a community space for adult survivors of childhood trauma who want to both recover AND dream big. I’m so glad the universe connected us, and we can’t wait to connect with you in the group.