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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Dec 10, 2020

Growing up in a dysfunctional family can set us up for a lifetime of trying to “fix” our childhood through our partners. If you’re wondering why you are so hard on your partner and why the triggers got so much deeper after you said “I do,” then this Therapist Insight Bonus Episode is for you. In my conversation with childhood trauma therapist, Patrick Teahan, we talk about the shrinking, small world created by staying stuck in survival mode, and explore what it takes to get out of survival mode. Are you finally ready to say "enough is enough" and develop intimacy with yourself and those closest to you? Patrick asks us the really tough questions to ground us in the reality of what it actually takes to heal through trauma work. There are so many new ways to understand and make meaning of your childhood, click play and start applying what you learn today.

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Patrick Teahan is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social worker, YouTuber, parent, and childhood trauma therapist. Patrick is primarily a group psychotherapist creating healing communities of childhood trauma survivors who are collectively working on reclaiming intimacy and finishing childhood business. In addition, he provides individual and couples work. Patrick uses a therapy model developed by Amanda Curtin LICSW in Cambridge, MA which is the same group therapy process that he underwent to recover from his own childhood trauma. Patrick includes his experience as a recovered childhood trauma survivor creating a human balance between the healer and those seeking healing.


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