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Relational Healing

Feb 16, 2021

The problem isn’t that you’re fundamentally flawed; it is that you haven’t had a map and a guide. 

This is my primary message to this listening community, and I will say it again and again until every single one of you listening believes it to be true at a cellular level.

I talk to and take in the content of experts on healing trauma every single day. They have their perspectives on what it takes to heal and many of those perspectives are quite valuable.

But you don’t need disjointed tips and tricks, you need a comprehensive framework to integrate knowledge from many different sources into a single plan with a data-based method for tracking progress. 

This is where my researcher’s training meets my survivor’s quest for healing. 

In this unplanned, unscripted episode, I introduce Stage 1 of my Relational Healing Journey. It’s a DIY trauma recovery program that I’ve built from the ground up. If you’re ready to stop suffering and start healing, click play. 

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Things I reference in this episode in order:

The DBT training manual by Dr. Marsha Linehan

Signs Your Inner Critic Is Running You Ragged

Four Intergenerational Trauma Themes That Can Organize Your Memories

IFS book for partnered humans, You Are The One You Have Been Waiting For

Trauma Talk Uncensored Episode

Interaction Tracker 2.0