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Relational Healing

Mar 4, 2021

Wondering if your fights are toxic? In this episode, therapist Dr. Harmony Sullivan, trained in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), breaks down what makes certain kinds of fights toxic and the importance of repair for keeping your relationship safe for both partners. When Harmony Sullivan works with couples, she helps them understand why they do certain things when they sense their partner is emotionally unavailable. She also identifies the one kind of damaging behavior that signals you need immediate help from a therapist so that you don’t destroy your connection with your partner. Harmony is tuned into all the ways humans are constantly making bids for connection, in both wise and misguided ways, and ultimately she’s an expert in helping couples soften towards each other and open up a whole new level of intimacy. 

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Two notes about this episode: 1. This episode was recorded in September 2020 before Tanner recognized the need to be more inclusive with her language around gender.  2. Dr. Sullivan wanted to record a short commentary adding insights into her interpretation of an interaction I shared in the originally recorded conversation. 

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