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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Sep 15, 2020

#010: Experiencing similar things as your life partner, creating memories with each other, knowing the nuances of how they see the world...all of those things are deeply meaningful BUT can also be the source of some pretty great Newlywed Game-inspired laughs! ⁠Our Episode #010 Celebration Show on the Marriage is Hard podcast platform was pretty amazing! Our community is small, but mighty, and growing! We're so glad you are here. 

Our crew was at the top of their game show game and the winner came in with only a three point lead! Was it @therealisttherapist @legacyimpactcoaching or @brandicc_vsg03202017??? Listen to find out. 

And if you missed their original episodes, be sure to go back in the MIH Vault to listen. Such good stuff and helping insights into rocking out the most important relationship we get to choose. 

Subscribe and share your MIH Love with your friends and then find me (Tanner) on @drtannerwallace. Let me know what you think the funniest moment is of the episode!!!!

And for your own laughs - see how well you and your partner know each other. Answer these questions (swiped straight from the Episode #010 script) privately, and then ask your partner what they think your answers would be...comment below if you have some funny differences!⁠

❓If you sent your partner to the store with your grocery list, what are two things he would bring home that were not on that list?⁠

❓What do you think is the one thing your partner likes best about you?⁠

❓What's something that makes your partner cry?⁠

❓What's one thing you'll never agree on?⁠

❓What would your partner say that your relationship has taught them?

This episode marks the end of the Marriage is Hard podcast launch. We've been gaining steam since June 9, 2020. AMAZING!

Next episode, a new chapter of the Marriage is Hard podcast platform begins. I'm teaching a 20-week educational series called "Confusion to Clarity: A Once-In-A-Lifetime Transformation Journey."

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