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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Apr 6, 2021

Caroline Pegram, LCSW, TCTSY-F, RYT started her healing journey while navigating feelings of being lost in her early 20s. As a social worker-in-training she explored several healing modalities in search of feeling safer in her own body...Through relationship building and consistent connection with safe people she shares how practicing vulnerability can help us feel not alone and more grounded. I’m so energized by this candid conversation with another human growing through complex trauma - and all that it entails - to learn how she supports others on a similar journey. Feel empowered by Caroline’s belief that we are all so worthy of having safe embodiment experiences that can guide us towards living in our Whole Selves.  Currently, Caroline is a somatic-based trauma therapist offering trauma-responsive healing experiences living on Eastern Shoshone & Goshute Nation lands

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