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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Jun 2, 2021

Are you filled with disappointment about your progress? Are you wondering if you’ll ever get your act together? My dear, survivor friend, Shanon Page joins me to close out Season 3 - Straight Talk About Self-Disgust. Shanon is a community organizer, mental health advocate, peer support leader, writer and IG content creator. She’s my Trauma Talk Uncensored co-host and hosts her own Thoughts Over Coffee and Survivors Speak Series LIVE shows on IG. She’s built a vibrant, supportive survivor community and in this episode we talk about what we’ve both learned about grace, compassion and the totally nonlinear nature of healing childhood trauma. 

We dive into food habits, but cover much more about how the gift of grace really is the antidote to self-disgust. She also reminds us that we cannot expect everything to change all at once, and healing happens in stages. You won’t want to miss all the insights shared in this final episode of Season 3. 


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