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Relational Healing

Jul 3, 2021

In the split-second we have to make an interpretation of what is happening in a present-day moment, we are, largely, relying on information stored from our past experiences. I want to share with you how the terror from your childhood is not just about the past, but is dramatically influencing your adult interactions. The latest neuroscientific research matters and understanding how and why it does is critical to you leading your own recovery process. 

Submit your healing (or should I say recovery?) wins here. 

A link to the trust episode referenced in this podcast released during the Marriage Is Hard era. 

Come join me on Instagram @drtannerwallace and also join our free, private Relational Healing Lab Facebook group, a community space for adult survivors of childhood trauma who want to both recover AND dream big. I’m so glad the universe connected us, and we can’t wait to connect with you in the group.