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Relational Healing

Jul 27, 2021

I want you to know that it isn’t too late to start parenting in all the ways needed to break cycles of intergenerational trauma … in fact the human brain is still undergoing critical development up until the age of 25. Getting honest about what is going on in your interactions with your child can be the hardest first step to conscious, cycle-breaking parenting. In this episode, I break everything down. I share very specific moment-by-moment trauma-based parenting sequences so that you can know exactly how and where to intervene in your own life. This one single episode could quite possibly change your child’s life. Where to start doing better as a cycle-breaking parent, how to go beyond the surface of your day-to-day parenting, using self-discovery to guide your recovery … I cover a lot of ground in this episode so you can start doing better today. 

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