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Relational Healing

Aug 14, 2021

Sometimes you need a big picture view of recovery from complex trauma, guiding you to pay attention to all the details of your experience to really stick with a healing process, and experience relational healing. 

In this episode, I share with you four of the most influential parts that can really create obstacles on the road to recovery. These parts aren’t often recognized in recovery experiences, but they can make showing up in Self to get the maximum healing benefit challenging. Here's my take on how best to unblend with these parts during recovery experiences - like therapy, groups or training. 

Based upon what I learned guiding the first cohort of REVEAL, I have identified 4 parts that can show up BIG in recovery experiences. I share what it looks and sounds like when these parts are in charge, and I also share some advice for working with them so that you can speak on their behalf but not from them. 

Based upon what I learned, I create a quiz: Discover Your Unique Trauma Recovery Safety Strategy here

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