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Relational Healing

Sep 9, 2021

This episode is for you if you’ve recognized that working with a therapist can be hugely important for processing specific issues and gaining valuable perspectives on your relationships in general, but healing in a real-world relationship outside an expert's office is a totally different territory with a wildly different landscape. Yep. It's true, right?

Welcome to Season 4 of the Relational Healing podcast - Attachment Restoration for Recovery.

I want to share with you an exclusive community for Relational Healing podcast listeners launching this season - If you’ve been craving connection to other survivors and desiring a private, non-social media shared space to hear other’s practical experience with recovery from childhood trauma then you’ll want to join the Relational Healing Circle.  

Share resources, ask questions, get support, and build friendships with inspiring survivors just like you in this exclusive 90-day listener community hosted on

Step 1 is to purchase a membership by clicking the link below, and then Step 2 accept the invitation emailed to you to access the Circle. Join by clicking the link below.

Links to two articles I mention: