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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Dec 29, 2021

There’s a map?!

Yes, I can imagine after all the years of pain and struggle this might come as a shocking surprise. But, my friend, we believe we have a map. Curious? Give a listen to this episode, and then join our private Facebook group to download a written copy outlining all 5 Circuits of Healing Power detailed in our map of recovery from complex trauma.

Request to join The Gathering: A Collective Initiation To The 5 Circuits of Healing Power

Join us in The Gathering, a free two-month cycle of programming in the Relational Healing Lab. This is your basecamp for your healing journey. As you move through an exploration of the 5 Circuits of Healing Power, you will develop Self Leadership alongside healing connections with fellow survivors, walking  and learning together. This is where everything changes. I cannot wait to meet you! ❤️ Tanner