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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Feb 1, 2022

There’s an energetics to healing that I didn’t fully appreciate until very recently. I faced the truth “there is no savoir riding in on a white horse” awhile back, but I was still in many ways engaged in another form of “waiting.” 

As I have moved into more advanced stages of healing, I have learned just how foundational Self Leadership is to trauma recovery. Even during the worst-feeling full-body emotional flashbacks, I still can access Self Energy and that makes the healing actually possible. And this isn’t about “white knuckling it.” It is about the masterful practice of unblending from a trauma distortion while simulataneously holding your energy.

This episode is an edited version of Day 3 of The Invitation group program in the Relational Healing Lab’s 2022 Year of Healing. 

The handout mentioned in this episode has been archived and is no longer available.

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Join us in The Gathering, a free two-month cycle of programming in the Relational Healing Lab. This is your basecamp for your healing journey. As you move through an exploration of the 5 Circuits of Healing Power, you will develop Self Leadership alongside healing connections with fellow survivors, walking  and learning together. This is where everything changes. I cannot wait to meet you! ❤️ Tanner