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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Dec 29, 2020

It isn’t too late to gain clarity in the five weeks we have left in our Confusion to Clarity: Once-In-A-Lifetime Transformation Journey. In this episode, I review the three parts of the holistic, data-based methodology I am teaching you in this educational series. This is the game-changing tool in your tool kit. You may think you need to become a different person to make your partnership work, but as your guide, I would say this: “You just need to reveal the hidden patterns to unlock your inner wisdom.” And applying the scientific method of discovery to your own personal life is life-changing. If you’re still feeling hopelessly confused in your marriage, consider this your review session before we move onto the next part of our journey. And guess what? Like a good professor, I’m offering extra credit. Stay to the end for that....

P.S. I say "Flip to switch" twice when I clearly meant to say "Switch to flip." That is super annoying but not possible to edit out without losing the comprehensibility of the sentences. Sorry! 

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