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Relational Healing

Dec 29, 2020

It isn’t too late to gain clarity in the five weeks we have left in our Confusion to Clarity: Once-In-A-Lifetime Transformation Journey. In this episode, I review the three parts of the holistic, data-based methodology I am teaching you in this educational series. This is the game-changing tool in your tool kit. You may think you need to become a different person to make your partnership work, but as your guide, I would say this: “You just need to reveal the hidden patterns to unlock your inner wisdom.” And applying the scientific method of discovery to your own personal life is life-changing. If you’re still feeling hopelessly confused in your marriage, consider this your review session before we move onto the next part of our journey. And guess what? Like a good professor, I’m offering extra credit. Stay to the end for that....

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P.S. I say "Flip to switch" twice when I clearly meant to say "Switch to flip." That is super annoying but not possible to edit out without losing the comprehensibility of the sentences. Sorry! 

Still need the Interaction Tracker? Here’s the link to download the template

Step 1: Go back to episode 5 and give it a re-listen. 

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Step 3: Get an invitation to the Redefine Reality Live Training January 1. 

Step 4. In that invitation I share my own copy of a Discovery Dataset. 

Step 5. Get a Clarity Codebook to customize for your particular circumstance as a free bonus from the Redefine Reality Live Training.