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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Feb 2, 2021

Does rewriting your story sound appealing? Hit Play. 

Here’s how we’re staying the course to create safety in our life and finally stand on our own two feet as a Recovered Thriver instead of a Victimized Survivor. In this episode, I talk about my own transformation journey and the transitional period where you’re ready to leave everything behind and start a new chapter in your life. How scary that in between transitional period is, how much faith it requires, and how much you feel like you still don’t really know. It is a possibility-tinged groundlessness, a life-changing transition from survivor to thriver. It is The Transformation that I’ve been pitching the entirety of Season 2.

Still interested in building a new future for yourself that is full of health and wellbeing? Our journey together doesn’t stop here, even if we’re wrapping up our first big exploration together. 

We’ve created an enduring space for survivors and their partners to engage in relational healing with the tools they need to be successful. Where are we headed? Listen to find out. 

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