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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Aug 4, 2020

#007: 720. That’s around how many minutes Matt, my husband, and I have spent with a trained expert trying to help us “fix” the problems in our marriage. And yet, if you were to ask either of us, we’ve found just as much, if not more, value in reading books and listening to podcasts related to inner work and talking things through with each other naturally as issues arise. In this episode, Matt and I do just that -- talk openly about how we each connected to the concepts of “emotional bonding” and “raw spots” that Dr. Harmony shared in Episode #006. I also read directly from Dr. Sue Johnson’s book Hold Me Tight. So, if you hear the words “attachment theory” and have no idea what that actually means to your everyday life with your partner, you’ll see a real-world couple make meaning of how that theory relates to a day-to-day context. Gain another tool in your relationship tool kit. Download and start listening to Episode #007 of the Marriage is Hard podcast. 

Links to Things Mentioned in Episode #007

Sue Johnson’s book “Hold Me Tight”

Tanner's video series on Facebook that describes the baseball game situation, Lesson One 

Tanner’s post on IG about using an Emotion Wheel

Helpful Graphical Representation of De-Escalation of Disconnection

Powerpoint Overview of EFT

An Introduction to the ACE Assessment to Help Think About How EFT Might Heal Traumatic Wounds

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