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Relational Healing

Dec 15, 2020

Working with your partner to navigate the everyday aspects of real life can feel so difficult. However, it can be helpful to remember that there are some key developmental milestones related to prosocial behavior that you missed out on growing up in a toxic family system. Improving your emotional intelligence will shift the way you interact with your partner -- whether you’re seriously off-track or just a little -- and help you understand how and why your interactions with your partner might take you back to painful and scary experiences from your childhood. In this episode, I explain the four components of emotional intelligence that can jumpstart your awareness about what is happening in your life and your partnership. 

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Lift up the voices of our listening community. Click here to leave a voice message for Tanner. I’ll be putting together a Bonus Community Voices Episode to be released January 1, 2021. The question we are all answering, including me, is “What has happened since starting the Confusion to Clarity: Once-In-A-Lifetime Transformation Journey. 


Still need the Interaction Tracker? Here’s the link to download the template


Here’s a link to the Emotion Wheel


Here’s a link to addiction expert, speaker author Dr. Gabor Maté talking about the descriptor “high-performing.”