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The Tanner Wallace Podcast

Apr 19, 2022

This episode is Part 2 of a two-part series finale (Episodes 046 and 047) of the Relational Healing Podcast. In this episode, Jeff and I pick up the conversation where we left off last week. Listen as we open the vault to explore clips from past episodes, reflecting on my journey and offering a fresh perspective on complex trauma, emotional neglect, trust and safety, and our ever-evolving theory of childhood trauma recovery with an IFS/Parts-based perspective.  Link to Part 1 (episode 46)  

Links to episodes we reviewed (and a few we didn’t get to):


Ready to Gain Clarity? What You Must Do, Step-By-Step


Relational Healing: Breaking Ground in Therapy Using IFS with Justin Martin


Relational Healing: Trust a Tough One For You? Here's A Framework To Get You Feeling More Secure


RH 001: What Relational Healing Offers For Trauma Recovery


RH 005: Lessons in Mind-Blowing Resilience for Survivors Struggling With Self-Harm


RH 013: Trauma Recovery That Works: The Secrets Backed By Science


RH 023: Why Trauma Distortions Make Your Relationships Toxic

A fan-favorite, the most DMs I've ever received were from this episode.


RH 029: How Songs That Bring You To Your Knees Can Lead To Unburdening


RH 034: How to Unburden the Shame of Protective Parts

My technical knowledge of IFS starts to come out as I am moving through Level 1 training, my own healing process and starting to guide others in 1:1 IFS sessions. 


RH 035: Why Healed Trauma Survivors Will Be The Energetic Source for a Profound Shift in Human Evolution

I started making bold claims unapologetically.


Request to join The Gathering: A Collective Initiation To The 5 Circuits of Healing Power

This is The Gathering, a free two-month cycle of programming in the Relational Healing Lab. This is your basecamp for your healing journey. As you move through an exploration of the 5 Circuits of Healing Power, you will develop Self Leadership alongside healing connections with fellow survivors, walking  and learning together. This is where everything changes. I cannot wait to meet you! ❤️ Tanner